Weekend Spent: Sept. 1-3

Lucas: I’ve staved off Guild Wars 2 from consuming my life thus far, but I may succumb to its charms over the long weekend. Then again, I’ll have to up my skills in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in preparation for the review; hopefully my sparring partner (one Mr. Grimm) doesn’t beat me to a bloody pulp and demoralize me forever.

Tom: To be honest, after last weekend’s 24 hour gaming marathon, the idea of playing any game of the digital variety kind of makes me want to throw up. However, you’ll notice the cute little word digital in that last sentence. A couple of weeks ago, I dumped, like, $100 on Magic: The Gathering cards, and this weekend is the first I have to really lose myself in those. It’s been 15 years since I last donned my wizard robe and hat. A lot has changed. I’m pretty excited.

Lorenzo: This weekend I’ll be dipping my toes into Guild Wars 2, mostly. I’ve had my level six Norn warrior begging me to give him the time of day, but I may also continue working on my second playthrough of Darksiders 2 (because I love that game) or jump into Sleeping Dogs. So many great games, so little time.

Henry: Well, for me this will be another weekend spent on the road, specifically in Seattle, WA for PAX Prime 2012. I’m bringing along my 3DS for StreetPass, but I think I’ll get my fill of gaming on the show floor. I plan on getting hands-on with Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Gears of War: Judgment, Hitman: Absolution, Nights into Dreams HD, and more, including about a dozen indie games. Say hello if you see me! And once I get home on Labor Day I’ll be playing the boring game of “doing laundry.” I give it a 2/5 stars.

Sterling: It’s Labor Day weekend, so in between wearing my white shoes one last time and avoiding BBQ sauce stains, I plan to dive into some of the PSOne classics on the Vita just to test drive how well they work. Odds are, wherever I end up, though, there will be some Madden NFL 13 being played. While I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Madden over the years (I’d rather watch football than read a playbook), Madden 13 feels good, and for once, I feel like the physics and movement compensate for my tactical clumsiness.

Cooper: Yay! Three day weekend! I’m planning on playing some more Guild Wars 2, jumping into Guild Wars 2, and then maybe, if I have time, seeing what this Guild Wars 2 thing is all about. Oh, and at some point I should probably play Guild Wars 2, but I’m not sure I’ll get to it, what with all of the Guild Wars 2 I need to play.

Sophia: I’ll be spending some quality time with the Vita this weekend. Even though the last update didn’t offer much in terms of PSOne games to play, I have been itching to play more Lumines: Electronic Symphony and Sound Shapes. Guild Wars 2 seems interesting, but I have a problem when it comes to MMOs. If I get into it, I’ll never leave the house again.

So that’s what we’re doing. What are you playing?

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