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Latest Overwatch patch targets tanks

Overwatch 2‘s latest set of Beta patch notes target Tanks specifically. Earlier today on July 15, Blizzard published a brand new list of patch notes for Overwatch 2 over on the game’s official website (opens in new tab). This new patch seems to be aimed at Tank characters in particular, …

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Best PS5 games to play right now

The best PS5 games list has been pretty static of late as we’ve entered into the realms of slow summer months for game releases. However, with plenty of hotly-anticipated upcoming PS5 games dropping in the next few months, we imagine that this list may not look the same for long. …

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Fortnite Characters locations in Season 3

After the roster of Fortnite characters recently expanded with the addition of Evie and Panther, players are now looking for Fortnite NPCs who sell fancy armaments to tick off a weekly assignment. Helpfully you have plenty of choices for where you can go to purchase an Exotic weapon from a …

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