Doctor Who “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship” Spoiler-Free Preview

• A very silly, fast-paced, but amusing romp. Kind of like how “The Curse Of The Black Spot” should have been, but wasn’t. The story may not be the greatest ever, but it absolutely nails the correct tone.

• Although it may be a little too fast-paced to begin with. It’s not confusing – you know what’s going on – you’d just like to know a little but more about why what’s going on is going on.

• The humour ranges from Carry On innuendo to some near-Douglas Adams style concepts, especially a means of propulsion.

• The guest performances aren’t as broad as you’d expect given the crazy cast of characters (and casting) the story has on offer; it’s actually played remarkable straight…

• …Except for two specific characters, who are very funny, very Douglas Adams and impeccably voiced.

• We may have found the new Wilfred Mott – you’ll know who we mean within minutes of the episode starting and his final scene is so sweet.

• The reason there are dinosaurs on a spaceship has a very pleasing logic behind it.

• There are some creaky plot mechanics that come into play at certain points; some things that appear “random” are actually “convenient”.

• Rory gets to do what he’s best at.

• Director Saul Metzstein seems to be going for the world record for the number of “reverse angle shots from behind a viewscreen” he can fit into an episode. Use for the basis of a drinking game.

• The dinosaurs are great – both in terms of FX and the way they’re used in the plot – and there are enough of them to justify the hyperbolic episode title.

• There’s a foreshadowing line between the Doctor and Amy that will send shivers down your spine.

• There are two Arthur C Clarke references, one overt, one a not-so-subtle (but very funny) allusion to 2001: A Space Odyssey .

• The villain is very good, and again, surprisingly underplayed, especially considering what the actor playing him said about who he based his performance on ( there are mild spoilers at that link – ed )… it doesn’t show.

• Hell, if I’d seen this when I was seven it would have been the BEST THING EVER! But then again, I LOVED dinosaurs…

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