What game did you buy this year that you still havent finished?

OMG! You can’t believe that [BLANK] game is coming out in a few days! You set aside an entire weekend dedicated to playing it. You put in several enjoyable hours but didn’t manage to beat it that weekend. Then a bunch of other stuff got in the way and the game slipped from your mind. The year is almost over and you realize you never went back to finish it! It happens to the best of us, which leads me to ask…

What game did you buy this year that you still haven’t finished?

For me it would have to be Darksiders 2. Oh boy was I stoked for this game to finally come out, and I put a TON of hours into it. But then the inevitable happened, life got in the way and my ravenous attitude for the game subsided, but damnit, I will get it finished before the years end!

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