How are you preparing for next-gen?

Oh no! The next generation (of consoles, not Star Trek) is right around the corner, and you haven’t even gotten ready for it yet! There is still so much to do! You’ve got to clear some space on your desk/entertainment stand, figure out what launch games you’re going to get, and how to break it to your best friend that you are getting the opposite console they are. Oh wait, now you’re getting cold feet about your console choice!

How are you preparing for next-gen?

I said “screw it” and threw away all of my current-gen game boxes. The games themselves are now in a binder that sits next to my entertainment center, leaving the huge bookshelf I had previously filled with games a clean slate for the next generation. Sure, it hurt to toss all the boxes, but… whatever. Let’s go, next-gen!

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