Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaker claims new world details and battle gimmicks

A leaker has claimed a wealth of knowledge surrounding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Yesterday on July 12, Twitter account Centro Leaks (opens in new tab) provided a slate of leaked information for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, slated to launch later this year. As DualShockers (opens in new tab) points out, the Twitter account has provided accurate information pertaining to the Pokemon games over the last few years, particularly on Pokemon Legends Arceus.

You might recall that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans previously speculated that the new world of the Gen 9 game was in fact based on Spain. The Pokemon Company has never commented on this speculation, but according to Centro Leaks, the new world in question is actually called Paldea.

Now for some slightly wackier leaks. The leaker claims that Pokemon will time travel in Scarlet and Violet, but the player character won’t, and that there’ll be a new “gimmick” similar to that of Mega Evolutions featured in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This has lead some to speculate that the new “gimmick” mentioned here will involve Pokemon time travelling.

Finally, it’s claimed that there’ll be over 400 Pokemon in the PokeDex featured in both new games, and that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will feature three cities and nine towns in total. Already, newcomers to the PokeDex have gained fame with fans online, including Lechonk the pig, and new starter Sprigatito to name but two.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launches later this year on November 12. Oh, and they both star conventionally attractive professors that the internet is already obsessing over

Check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet PokeDex guide for a full look over all the confirmed creatures so far. 

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