Edge magazine issue 339 celebrates the defining games of the decade across 12 collectors edition covers

Ten years is an awfully long time in games. That’s always been true for the most dynamic form of entertainment on the planet, but the 2010s have been something else entirely. The past ten years have brought us new genres, platforms, and business models that have changed the ways games are made, played, viewed, and sold. 

Edge issue 339 (opens in new tab), which goes on sale in print and digital forms Thursday, November 7, crowns the dozen games that we believe define gaming’s most transformative decade to date. This is not a ‘best of’ list; it celebrates the games which have impacted the industry in ways that go far beyond their mere quality. Spelunky, for instance, is here not just for being brilliant, but also for birthing the Roguelike. Amnesia: The Dark Descent didn’t just redefine video game horror; it also gave us the Let’s Play. 

A 12-cover split run means each title is given the prominence it deserves; inside, in-depth analysis gives (we hope) proper context to each inclusion. Here’s all 12 covers, which have been randomly sorted at newsagents’ and in subscriber letterboxes up and down the land.

Limited-edition ‘Games of the Decade’ box set

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For collectors, we’ve produced a limited-edition box set containing all 12 covers, available from Thursday, November 7. You can get your hands on that here (opens in new tab), although you should act fast before it sells out. 

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