Uncharted 3 treasures location guide: Where to find all of the collectibles in Drakes Deception

Over the course of his adventures, it’s clear that Nathan Drake is always looking out for new loot and artefacts to boost his collection, but it’s also completely possible to miss all of the Uncharted 3 treasures available in this adventure if you don’t steer him in the right direction. Amazingly, you could actually breeze past all 100 treasures and find yourself watching Drake’s Deception credits rolls without a single trinket to your name, but obviously nobody wants to return from their travels empty-handed.

With that in mind, we’ve explored the nooks and crannies of each level and found every last one of the Uncharted 3 treasures collectibles (including the strange relic), and provided both video and text walkthrough guides so you can go out there and do the same. After all, these things belong in a museum, right Indy… err, Drake? If you’ve somehow overlooked Uncharted 3 in the past, or haven’t played it since the PS3 days, then now is a great time to revisit as Drake’s Deception is available as part of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which is free on PS4 in April 2020 (opens in new tab).

Chapter 1 (2 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 1

1. After you’re thrown through the window and into the bar below, check the jukebox against the back wall for a treasure.

2. After emerging from the bathroom, but before leaving the bar, check the shelf behind the bar.

Chapter 2 (7 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 2

1. In the very first room, check the third cannon on your right.

2. Continue past the cannons, sticking to your right. Instead of walking up the stairs at the back of the room, enter the area to the right and check behind a potted plant.

3. After your ejection from the museum, make sure to check a door on the right side of the street, near the blue car.

4. When the road forks for the second time (after the scene with the nasty fruit), enter the market area and look on the left side of the street. There is a stand with jars on top, as well as the fourth treasure.

5. From treasure four, continue down the street as it winds to the left. Look for a skinny staircase on your left and climb it to find another treasure.

6. After you swing from the broken yellow pipe to the balcony nearby, make sure to walk all the way to the other end and find the treasure near the potted plant.

7. Climb to the top of the Hotel Arrecife sign to find a treasure.

Chapter 3 (3 treasures)

Above: All treasures from chapter 3

1. After swinging from the horizontal lamp post, drop down to the balcony below. Run all the way to the other side and look on the ground near a bench for this treasure.

2. As soon as you enter the museum via the blue balcony door, look for an old diving suit. Check the arms for the treasure.

3. From the previous treasure, walk over to where you originally entered this room back in chapter 2. There is a treasure between the lever and the wall.

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