Edgar Wright to direct Johnny Depp in The Night Stalker

Disney has recruited Shaun Of The Dead director Edgar Wright to helm a remake of The Night Stalker , a 1972 television horror, and Johnny Depp’s in position to star.

It appears Depp and his producing partner Christi Dembrowski have had their hearts set on getting the remake developed for some time.

The 1972 show, penned by I Am Legend novelist Richard Matheson, saw a Las Vegas reporter investigate a string of murders that he suspected were committed by a vampire.

After cult hits Shaun Of The Dead and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World , Wright has become a sought-after talent, with his name already attached to Marvel’s Ant-Man , as well as that final entry in the Cornetto trilogy…

With no script written as yet, and Depp currently filming The Lone Ranger , we expect The Night Stalker to start shooting early next year.

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