Being Human “A Spectre Calls” Spoiler-Free Preview

It’s that time again – time for our latest plot-specifics-free preview of the next episode of Being Human

1. What’s it all about? Alfie. He’s a bit of a heart-breaker.

2. The theme: can you trust new friends? Annie is made to wonder, and ultimately learns that you can’t.

3. And it looks like Tom’s going to learn the same lesson, further down the line…

4. We see the little-boy side of Tom.

5. Much discussed: the importance of Eve, and the eve of something important.

6. We get a quick history lesson about a great British brand.

7. There’s some amazing dancing.

8. Here’s a question for you: can werewolves also be ghosts?

9. Tom’s idea of interior design involves CANOE FUN.

10. Hal gets his top off again – and is asked to provide a massage.

11. Two different characters start smoking.

12. Hal and Tom in vest their relationship with new meaning.

13. Hal acts like he’s been watching Sherlock .

14. Tom gets very angry with some air.

15. Nice can be boring, but it can also be powerful.

16. A burning issue is resolved – or is it?

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