Division 2 BTSU Datagloves guide: How to get the Exotic Gloves

Exotic armour pieces are slowly being rolled out and the latest is the Division 2 BTSU Datagloves. This comes after the Division 2 Exotic Holster (opens in new tab) called Dodge City Gunslinger was added to The Division 2 (opens in new tab) almost two months ago, but while the exotic holster wasn’t great, the Division 2 Exotic Gloves look much more useful for your loadout. Here’s everything we know about the Division 2 BTSU Datagloves including the stats, talents, and how to get it.

Division 2 BTSU Datagloves stats

Division 2 BTSU Datagloves

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The Division 2 BTSU Datagloves are focused wholly on skills, so if you haven’t specced into a skill build, it’s not worth rocking these bad boys. If you have though, then the BTSU Datagloves have three worthy talents:

  • Elemental Gadgetry: Skills that apply status effects gain +50% status effect duration and +50% skill haste.
  • Energy Infusion: Whenever you apply a status effect, your gloves become infused with that for 60s. While infused, you gain +10% skill damage, +10% skill healing and repair and +10% skill duration for each Utility (yellow battery) on your gear.
  • Charged Proxies: Whenever you throw a skill, 1.25s after landing, it creates an explosion applying the infused status effect to all enemies within 6m. Enemies affected by the infused status effect take 50% more damage from your skills.

As you can see, skills are the name of the game with the Division 2 Exotic Gloves. It works best with offensive skills, but will still come in handy whether you’re rocking the revive hive, explosive seeker mines, or something else entirely.

How to get the Division 2 BTSU Datagloves

Division 2 BTSU Datagloves

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

While there’s only a few reports of people obtaining the Division 2 BTSU Exotic Gloves at this point, the method seems to be the same for everyone: Cross your fingers for a lucky drop at the end of the Camp White Oak mission. Multiple people are claiming they’ve got the BTSU Datagloves from random Black Tusk enemies while others are saying it has to be the final boss, but either way, you need to play through Camp White Oak to unlock it. It seems to be available on all difficulties, though as is the case with most exotics, the chance of obtaining it will probably be higher if you play on harder difficulties.

Good luck, Agent! The gloves don’t seem too difficult to obtain, so just keep running Camp White Oak until you get it.

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