BioWare talks post-launch plans for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Guild banks, Capital Ships, Legacy System expansions, and loads of space missions are just a few of the features on order for Star Wars: The Old Republic following its official launch later this month. Although the game is still in pre-order/early access phase, BioWare is apparently already at work on a number of patches, some of which were recently documented in a note to its community.

“Since we’re an online game we are going to continue building on the game for years to come,” wrote game director James Ohlen. “Not only are we launching one of the largest and most impressive games ever created, but we’re also excited about the prospect of continuing to work on the game so that you, the fans, will always have something heroic and amazing to enjoy.”

Above: Two evil red laser-katana are better than one

Future additions include new Operations, Flashpoints, space combat missions, and solo content; as well as new Warzones and challenges for PvP play. For guildees, BioWare is planning to roll out Guild Capital Ships, Guild Banks, and continuous Guild enhancements, so as to support what the studio believes to be one of the most crucial elements to The Old Republic’s popularity and longevity.

On the topic of longevity, BioWare will also be expanding its Legacy System. That is, beyond the ability to add a last name to a character, future patches will let players unlock unique powers, items and other perks based on their progress.

Seeing as Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t even out yet (unless you were invited to the early access), it could be a while before intergalactic adventurers see any of these plans come to fruition. Still, it’s nice to know they’re coming, and it was a smart move on EA and BioWare’s part to advertise future features this close to the game’s release. For more details on what’s in store for Star Wars: The Old Republic, check out the full post.

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