The Last of Us dev diary focuses on world building

Sony has released a new The Last of Us developer documentary focusing on the design process behind the creation of the game world. Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival-horror sees a man and a teenage girl attempt to traverse a nightmarish, post-apocalyptic American wasteland, and studio community strategist Eric Monacelli said in a post on the PlayStation Blog:

“The key word for the development of every aspect in The Last of Us is contrast. There’s a counterpoint to nearly every detail in the game and we strive to show as much beauty as the ugly, brutal realities of the world allow. We think you’ll find our wasteland beautiful once you get into the game world in just a couple months.”

The last developer documentary for the PS3 exclusive title showed how Naughty Dog set about making The Last of Us’ infected into uniquely terrifying foes, while the next video in the series will explore the crafting and scavenging gameplay mechanics.

A The Last of Us demo included with copies of God of War: Ascension will go live on May 31, offering early access to one chapter of the game ahead of the recently delayed The Last of Us release date of June 14. We recently got our first hands-on with the game – see how we fared in multiple encounters with the horrifying infected in this The Last of Us preview.

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