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Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats

Use our Horizon Zero Dawn cheats and guides to help you fight the scourge of the robo-dinosaur machines and get Aloy to learn more about the world and its past. As you play, there will be plenty of collectibles for you to find, places to explore, and machines to fight, …

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Fallout New Vegas character builds

There’s no shortage of Fallout: New Vegas character builds out there. Developer Obsidian Games built the Fallout New Vegas character creator to be relatively open, offering a handful of basic archetypes before giving you the freedom to create a near-endless set of variations to let you play how you want …

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NBA 2K publisher sued for $5 million over loot boxes

NBA 2K series publisher Take-Two has been sued over loot boxes. Earlier today on March 7, Bloomberg (opens in new tab) reported that Take-Two was the subject of a class-action lawsuit. Filed in Illinois earlier this year, the lawsuit accuses Take-Two of “unfair, deceptive and unlawful practices,” stemming from the …

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