A Tom Holland Spider-Man cameo was reportedly cut from Venom

The dispute between Sony and Marvel, which has seen Spider-Man leave the MCU (for now), is still ongoing. According to a recent report, however, Tom Holland was supposed to cross over into the Sony Spider-Man universe much sooner, but an alleged Venom (opens in new tab) cameo was cut due to Marvel asking for the scene to be removed.

As revealed on the Collider (opens in new tab) podcast, comedian Jay Washington said, “I’ll tell you the truth: Tom Holland did film a scene for Venom… Marvel saw the movie and was like ‘Take this out. Take this scene out.,’” before detailing, “Peter Parker was in Venom not Spider-Man.”

It’s important to make the distinction that, presumably for rights purposes, the version of Tom Holland’s character in Venom would have been Peter Parker and not Spider-Man. So, the webhead most definitely wouldn’t have suited up to fight against (or alongside) Tom Hardy’s Venom.

Still, if this rings true, it means we missed out on a possible meeting between Hardy and Holland’s characters – but no further reasoning was given for why Marvel wouldn’t want the then-MCU star to appear in the 2018 Sony Pictures movie, nor what the scene would have entailed.

Holland actually missed out on appearing as Spider-Man/Peter Parker in another Sony movie last year, too. The actor revealed (opens in new tab) that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (opens in new tab) was going to include, “another Peter Parker… There was like a scene in a train station or something, and it was going to be like an Easter egg. I was going to walk through the background or something, and say, like, ‘Hey, kid.’”

Meanwhile, Andy Serkis has been announced as the Venom 2 director (opens in new tab), and his first Instagram post reacting to the news involved the motion-capture legend reading a ‘90s comic book involving, you guessed it, a Venom crossover with Spider-Man. Maybe the Two Tom dream isn’t dead just yet.

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