18 Bizarre Time Machines

With the time travelling shenanigans of Men In Black 3 arriving in cinemas today, we look back at some classic former time travel devices

18 A Toaster

From: The Simpsons

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After Homer gets his stuck in a toaster in the fifth “Treehouse Of Horror” segment “Time And Punishment”, his attempts to repair the appliance turn it instead into a time machine. He finds himself in prehistoric times where he kills a mosquito, thus altering the timeline in a domino effect, turning Ned Flanders into an evil dictator in the present (well, he has the moustache for it). In trying to correct his mistake, he only makes matters worse, creating ever more Hellish futures – in one, donuts cease to exist!

It’s all, of course, a skit on Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound Of Thunder”, the film version of which presumably also has a time machine that could have been part of this list. But having seen the film once, we weren’t subjecting ourselves to that nightmare again just for something as silly as research.

Drawbacks with this model of time machine: Toast is off the menu.

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