Luigis Mansion 3 gems – how to find all locations

Luigi’s Mansion 3 gems can be tricky to find, so we’ve got all the locations – scattered around the 15 floors and two basement levels of the haunted hotel. They can be hidden in ghosts, stuck behind elaborate puzzles that you’ll need to solve to get to them, and even audaciously in plain sight beneath spinning furniture and creepy statues. 

Things are made a tiny bit easier at least in Professor E. Gadd’s lab which tracks how many gems you have, and how many more you need in Luigi’s Mansion 3 (opens in new tab). And, unlike Boos, gems are hidden in one static place so they won’t change from game to game.

Check out our comprehensive walkthrough on how to find every single Luigi’s Mansion 3 gem. 

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 basement gems

Underneath the stairs

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Use Gooigi to drop beneath the staircase through a grate located on the far right side of the hallway. A gem will be right in front of you. 

In the Generator

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Use Gooigi to slip through the fence and then use his plunger to pull the electric panel. The generator will open up and you can grab the gem.

In the Car

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Use your vacuum to remove the sheet that’s on top of the car next to E. Gadd’s lab, then use your vacuum to activate the light and a gem should pop out. 

In a hidden room

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Head to the metal grate behind the car where you first get the vacuum, open it up with your plunger, and head inside. You’ll find a multi-story room, climb the latter and then use Googi to fall through the floor to collect the gem. 

Laundry Room

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Use your plunger to open the middle washing machine on the right side of the laundry room.

In the hallway painting

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Use your Dark Light to grab a gem trapped in a painting.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 1st Floor gems 

In the far right corner tied up in vines

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If you head all the way to the right side of the lobby you’ll see a gem tied up in some vines. Use the plunger to smash the vase and collect it.

Through a vent on the 2nd floor

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If you head to the left side of the lobby you’ll be able to see a gem just out of reach sitting on a shelf. Go up the stairs to just above it. Use the vacuum to pull back the rug and then change to Gooigi and drop through the vent. Walk up to behind the gem and use the vacuum jump move. The gem will then fall down. 

Behind the lobby reception desk

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Use the vacuum flashlight to light up the glowing dot on the right-hand side and the cubbies behind the desk will open up to reveal a gem. 

In the chandelier

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You’ll be able to find a gem within the big ole light in the ceiling. Use Luigi to stand on a budding platform on the right-hand side of the lobby and Gooigi on the left. This should make the chandelier lower a bit. Use both of their vacuums to spin it and a gem should pop out. 

In a haunted couch

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Use your haunted light to reveal a hidden couch on the far left-hand side of the lobby near the window, a gem ghost will pop up. Capture him and you’ll collect another gem.

Behind the painting near the elevator

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Use your suction cup to hit the space below the painting a pull, the painting should open to reveal the final gem on the first floor. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 2nd Floor gems

On the far right side of the dressing room

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Use your light to open the safe behind the coat rack in the dressing room.

In front of the dining room entryway

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Get rid of all the stuff in that circular section of the hallway. You’ll see two silverware propellers on the wall. Get Gooigi out and spin them both at the same time. A gem will dropdown. 

In the fridge with the scary fish

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Use your plunger to open the left fridge door, go in and pull the string in there. It’s attached to a giant fish! Ahh! Take notice of the ice blocks on the selves in the freezer. Pull the fish’s lure to push the fish back, grab the ice block with a gem in it, and take it to the stove to melt it. 

In the bathroom

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Head to the bathroom furthest to the right and use your plunger to break down the stall door on the right. A gem ghost will be reading the paper. Capture him to grab the gem. 

In a secret room

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In the room with the painting that captured E Gadd, use your vacuum to spin the chandelier.. A room will open on the left with the gem

Behind the dartboard in the game room

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There are a ton of cool things to mess around with in the game room, but the one with the biggest reward is the dartboard. Pull one of the swords off the wall with the vacuum (or take one from a ghost battle in the room) and then shoot it at the dartboard and a gem will pop out. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 3rd Floor gems

In the women’s bathroom

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Head into the men’s bathroom, pull off a pipe cover on the left wall and use Gooigi to squeeze through. There will be a gem in the far left toilet once he goes through. 

Above the entryway

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Go up the escalator, walk right and in front of all the tables. You’ll see a shrubbery with some walking room in front of it. Follow that back into a secret area above the elevator and to a chest that has another gem.

On the third level

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Go up to the second level on the left side, use your haunted light to reveal a ladder. Climb up it and then open the chest to find a gem. 

In the right window in the jewellery shop

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Once you’re in the jewellery shop on the 3rd floor, use any shootable item to break open the glass and the gem behind it will be yours.

In a hidden passageway

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Open a secret passageway in the boutique clothing shop by using the plunger to pull the chest of the Mannequin on the left wall. A door will open containing a chest containing a gem. 

In the vending machine near the security boss

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Use your flashlight to activate the light on the machine several times, a gem will emerge after a few tries.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 4th floor gems

4th Floor

In the tuba

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Use your blower to play the tuba in the entryway outside the elevator and then split off Gooigi to pull the gem that floats up out. 

Down the Hall in the room with a safe

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You’ll need to use Gooigi to get into the room by squeezing through the gate and flushing the toilet. Once inside you’ll need to blow on each bottle that’s open in order from left to right. Once you do that the safe will unlock. 

In the Bathroom

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Go into the bathroom and use your haunted light to reveal a missing faucet at the sink. A Gem ghost should pop out. Capture it and another gem is yours. 

In the Piano in the stage side room

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After defeating the boss head into the side room and use your Dark Light to reveal more keys on the broken piano. Interact with it and a gem will pop out. 

In the Popcorn Machine

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Light up the signal on the machine with your flashlight and a gem will pop out. 

Through the TV on the balcony

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Use the super vacuum to destroy the wall and defeat the ghost orchestra, then go through the TV by using your flashlight and a gem will be hidden in a bag of popcorn when you emerge.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 5th Floor gems

In the makeup bag in your bathroom

You should find a makeup bag in the bathroom, use the plunger to grab it and break it open. A gem will pop out. 

Out by the Gargoyle

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Head out onto the balcony of the first bedroom in the hallway, use the haunted light to reveal a doorway to the outside. Walk along the ledge to the gargoyle who is holding a gem. 

Inside a vent in the laundry room

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Head to the right from the elevator and you should find a laundry room, use your plunger to rip off the vent in the corner and grab the gem behind it.

Behind the statue in the hallway

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Break the statue by shooting something at it and a gem will pop out from behind.

Behind the bathroom in the half-done room

(Image credit: NIntendo)

Head into the room that is under construction, which is the fourth room down once you passed the laundry room. Head into the bathroom and pull the top of the cover on the wall. Head inside and there is a gem hidden among some furniture. 

On the Balcony in the last bedroom down the right hall

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Head into the final bedroom, onto the balcony, and look through the telescope. If you look long enough a gem ghost will pop out. Capture it and the game is yours. 

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