Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats

Use our Horizon Zero Dawn cheats and guides to help you fight the scourge of the robo-dinosaur machines and get Aloy to learn more about the world and its past. As you play, there will be plenty of collectibles for you to find, places to explore, and machines to fight, so knowing about them is key to succeeding and surviving the wilds. We’ve even got a few guides for the Frozen Wilds DLC. Whether you need to know some beginner tips, how to level up quickly, or where to find power cells, we’ve got you covered with these Horizon Zero Dawn cheats.

Basic tips

We’ve got 11 essential Horizon Zero Dawn tips to help you get off to the best start in a dangerous world filled with deadly machines.

Get XP to level up quickly

Levelling up is key to progressing and unlocking new abilities for Aloy, so here are the main ways you can earn and farm Horizon Zero Dawn XP.

Every robot type and how to kill them

There are loads of different types of machines in Horizon Zero Dawn – over 25 in fact – and they all have different strengths and weakness. If you want to take them all down as efficiently as possible, use our tips for bringing down the Horizon Zero Dawn robots.

Every vantage point

Any lore-enthusiasts that want to learn more about the mysterious technological apocalypse that leads into the game should definitely check out the Horizon Zero Dawn vantage points.

How to find and take down Thunderjaws

Thunderjaws are some of the most fearsome and dangerous machines in the game, but you’ll also be greatly rewarded for bringing each one down. Here’s where you can find each Horizon Zero Dawn Thunderjaw and how you can destroy it.

How to find power cells

If you want to get your hands on the Shield Weaver armor – arguably the best in the game for protecting Aloy – you’ll need to get yourself plenty of Horizon Zero Dawn power cells to get it.

Ending explained

Big spoiler warning for this guide, but if you want know exactly how the story closes out and what it could mean for a sequel, look at this Horizon Zero Dawn ending explainer.

Photo mode

If you fancy yourself as quite the photographer, we’ve got some tips that will really help you out in mastering the photo modes in a variety of games, including Horizon Zero Dawn. Get to grips with field-of-view, exposure, and aperture in this game photo mode guide.

Frozen Wilds tips

These Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds tips might just help you survive in the sub-zero temperatures and the deadly machines that prowl the tundra.

Frozen Wilds figurines collectibles

There are a few of these bronze ornaments for you to collect in the new DLC, so use our Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds animal figurine locations guide to help you find them.

Frozen Wilds pigment collectibles

As you explore the Cut, keep an eye out for these Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds pigment locations to find some dazzling colors that you can take back to an artist in Song’s Edge.

How to get bluegleam in Frozen Wilds

This new currency is essential in the cold lands of the Cut, so here’s where you can get Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds bluegleam.

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