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Guess whose favorite character is Wallace (and not as in …And Gromit. I mean Wallace Wells)? You guessed right! I have a deep, abiding love for both the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and the criminally under-rated fight musical that Edgar Wright turned it into. They’re gloriously over the top, very silly and incredibly smart, heart-felt books about growing up, not just from child to adult but from selfish to selfless; from someone who merely stands in society to someone who’s part of it. I love them to tiny pieces.

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Know what else I love to pieces? Science fiction. The sort of smart, heart-felt science fiction that sculpts people’s childhoods, makes them look upwards in wonder instead of despair. A Wrinkle In Time is one such book, a fiercely smart and incredibly sweet story that I’ve only come to very recently, via Hope Larsen’s beautiful graphic novel adaptation.

Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley and Hope Larson are signing at Page 45 , in Nottingham on the 9 December between 1pm and 4pm. The store has full stocks of their books, they’ll sign anything you bring of their’s and a new Bryan/Hope jam print will be available on the day. They will each do a small sketch for each person who brings one of their books to be signed and they’ll sign the jam print for free.

These are two of the best, smartest and nicest creators working today. Their work is unique, heartfelt and utterly wonderful. If you’re a Wrinkle in Time fan or you’ve always secretly wanted to be Young Neil (And who hasn’t?) then book your train tickets now, you won’t be disappointed.

Alasdair Stuart

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