GTA 5 Under the Bridge locations

The GTA 5 Under the Bridge locations are the perfect places to show off your flying skills, as well as building up your progress towards unlocking the “Close Shave” Achievement or Trophy as you work your way through them. As the name suggests, these GTA 5 locations are mainly special bridges you can pilot an airplane or helicopter underneath, and you’ll need a steady nerve to tick off all 50 of them in total. To assist you on your journey, we’ve arranged all of the GTA 5 Under the Bridge locations here by region, to cut down the amount of time you have to spend flying from one spot to the next.

GTA 5 Under the Bridge: South Los Santos

Bridge Location 1: This bridge is the La Puerta Freeway. You can find it at the far south, just to the east of the airport.

Bridge Location 2: Located just north of the Port of Los Santos, this bridge takes some patience and a tender touch to get under. Go slow and keep moving forward.

Bridge Location 3: Found just east of the previous bridge, try to keep the same height from the last bridge and zip under this one as well.

Bridge Location 4: This curved bridge can be hard to miss. Keep it low and continue through to the next bridge as well.

Bridge Location 5: Located right next to the previous bridge, you’ll be able to get this easily by staying at the same height and just just staying on a straight path.

Bridge Location 6: This bridge is located just east of the Port of Los Santos and crosses with the Elysian Fields Highway.

Bridge Location 7: Fly under the Elysian Fields Highway located to the south of Los Santo to get rewarded for this bridge.

Bridge Location 8: Head north along the aqueduct between South Los Santos and East Los Santos where you will come across the next few bridges.

Bridge Location 9

Bridge Location 10

Bridge Location 11

Note: Bridges 12-19 are located in North Los Santos.

Bridge Location 20: Fly under this bridge located where the Del Perro highway and the Olympic highway meet.

Bridge Location 21: To get this bridge and the next few bridges, simply fly along the aqueduct located between La Puerta and South Los Santos.

Bridge Location 22

Bridge Location 23

Bridge Location 24

Bridge Location 25

Bridge Location 26

Bridge Location 27

GTA 5 Under the Bridge: North Los Santos

Bridge Location 12: These next few bridges can be found by traveling up the aqueduct, continuing from Bridge 11.

Bridge Location 13

Bridge Location 14

Bridge Location 15

Bridge Location 16: Easily one of the more difficult bridges to get under in the game. Your best bet is to grab yourself a Buzzard helicopter to get through.

Bridge Location 17: Found right after #16, this bridge is just as difficult. Make sure to get yourself the Buzzard chopper to make things easier.

Bridge Location 18: Head south on the Del Perro highway from the previous bridges and you will come across this bridge and the next two right after another.

Bridge Location 19

Note: Bridges 20-27 are located in South Los Santos.

Bridge Location 28: Take a cruise up the 5 along the east coast and you will come across this train bridge.

Bridge Location 29: Located just north of the previous bridge, this one is a little easier to get under when approaching it from the east side.

Bridge Location 30: One of the more sneaky “bridges” in the game, this arch can be found just to the south of the Power Station.

Bridge Location 31: Located to the southwest of the Power Station, you will come across these next two bridges located right beside each other.

Bridge Location 32

Bridge Location 33: This bridge, located on the opposite coast, can be found near Chumash, along the Great Ocean Highway. There are two identical bridges, but you’ll only get credit for one of them.

GTA 5 Under the Bridge: South Blaine County

Bridge Location 34: You can find this bridge just south of Fort Zancudo. Just be sure to stay away from the fort itself.

Bridge Location 35: Located just southeast of the Fort, this bridge can be found by following the rapids coming down.

Bridge Location 36: This train bridge can be found east of the fort and above the Zancudo River.

Bridge Location 37: This small wooden bridge can be a bit tricky to spot and even trickier to get under. Go slow and take your time. You don’t have much room to play with.

Bridge Location 38: Just to the west of Harmony, this bridge can be found by following the dirt paths that cross under the 38 highway.

Bridge Location 39: Near the southwestern mouth that leads into the Alamo sea, this train bridge can be found just south of Stab City.

Bridge Location 40: Located directly in front of the previous bridge, you can pass under this one while staying on the same course.

Bridge Location 41: To the east coast, this bridge is located under the Senora highway, just south of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.

Bridge Location 42: This bridge is located to the direct east of the previous bridge, on the other side of the wind farms.

Bridge Location 43: This bridge is located where the Senora highway and route 68 meet. it’s easy enough to get under, just watch for traffic.

GTA 5 Under the Bridge: North Blaine County

Bridge Location 44: This bridge is easy to spot thanks to the giant red cow on the top of it.

Bridge Location 45: This bridge can be found due east of the big red cow bridge.

Bridge Location 46: Located at the north west mouth of the Alamo Sea, this train bridge doesn’t leave much room to get under.

Bridge Location 47: Located midway down Cassidy Creek, this bridge is easy to spot thanks the enormity of it. Also helps to get under a little quicker.

Bridge Location 48: Located to the northwest of the previous bridge, this tricky one can be a little hard to spot given the size of it.

Bridge Location 49: Found at the mouth of the Cassidy Creek on the far west coast, this large bridge is easy to spot and one of the more fun ones to zoom under.

Bridge Location 50: This last bridge can be found at the very north of Blaine County, just to the east a little ways. Look for the train crossing over the main highway there and fly under it.

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