Vin Diesel shares more Riddick 3 concept art

Vin Diesel has treated his Facebook faithful to another glimpse at the concept art for the final The C hronicles Of Riddick movie.

Dubbed the “Last Stand Of Riddick”, he used the image to talk up his excitement about the pre-production work.

“Concept art and key frames allow a production to explore possibilities before actually committing to film. The road to the ‘R’ rating, that so many of you were vocal about, has been a long one. The advantage however, (never empower the negatives) was that we were allowed a really extensive preproduction. The art work is so good, the artists have really outdone themselves in illustrating this world at it’s early stage,” Diesel said.

It also seems the movie is on the brink of being made.

“I got two meetings today that I have been prepping for… one with the director and another one with the head of the studio to discuss casting and the 2012 release date,” he added.

From the image it looks like Riddick will get back to old-school hand-to-hand combat with the kind of creatures we saw in Pitch Black . That’s surely a massive sword in his left hand?

Whether he can better his post-kill banter from that film (“Did not know who he was f*cking with”) remains to be seen.

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