James Cameron to film Avatar sequels quicker

There are some famous equations out there. E=MC². The Pythagorean Theorem: a² + b² = c². Now James Cameron has added a new one: more frames = better 3D.

Higher frame rates seem to be the way Hollywood is going and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit is currently being shot at 48 frames per second (fps) rather than the standard 24fps most movies use today.

However, JamCam says he aims to shoot the Avatar sequels at 60fps to create top notch 3D.

“I believe it makes for better 3D,” Cameron told The Hollywood Reporter .

“There were lots of arguments for why 48fps and why 60fps. My feeling is if it is a software upgrade [for digital cinema projectors], do both. It doesn’t change anything at the projector; you don’t have to change the lamp house or the lenses. If you are uploading software you can upload it for 48 and 60 and let the filmmakers decide.”

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