Sony reveals Vita exclusive action game Freedom Wars

The Sony exclusive recently teased at Panopticon has officially been revealed as Freedom Wars. In development at SCE Japan Studio and set for release on Vita in 2014, it’s a multiplayer action title that appears to feature co-op creature-smashing. An extended trailer released today shows that the game takes place some 100,000 years in the future in what’s called PT Era 102013. The video cuts between modern day London and the futuristic setting of Panopticon, a world with zero population growth and one that has been devastated by dwindling resources like oil. In PT Era 102013, the prison population has exploded along with the number of surveillance cameras, guns and casualties from war. In the dystopian future presented, it appears that prisoners are sentenced to fighting giant monsters.

An official Japanese website for the game has also been launched and promises that further information about the title will be revealed later this month. SCE’s European arm trademarked Panopticon earlier this year, suggesting that the title is intended for international release.

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