How to transfer and swap servers in Diablo Immortal

To transfer servers in Diablo Immortal is relatively simple on the face of it: on the main menu after you first open the game, tap the actual name of the server you’ll be entering (they’re usually called something fanciful like “Talva Silvertongue” shown below), and you’ll get a full list of possible servers you can go into. Then you simply choose the one you want and then enter the game as normal. However, whether it transfers progress and your character is another matter, and we’ll go into more detail below about what you actually get to keep when you transfer servers in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal server transfer characters

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Can you play with friends on other servers?

Diablo Immortal server transfer characters

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Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery Immortals Shadows factions

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Servers do not overlap in any way at time of writing, self-contained realms that are all modelled on the same template and have the same features, but players’ impacts are strictly limited to whatever server they’re in. There’s no crossplay between them, which can be frustrating – it means that one of you will have to transfer to the other’s server, and restart your progress as indicated above. 

The best thing you can do is pick a server from the very beginning, before you’ve even chosen from the first Diablo Immortal classes, that has a good latency and connection relative to you, and relay that information to all your friends so you can all base yourselves in the same server. That way, the only two reasons to transfer servers – coop play and connection issues – ideally shouldn’t be a problem.

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