Quentin Tarantino talks comic-book movies

As cinema’s most notorious uber-geek, it should come as no surprise that Quentin Tarantino has considered directing comic-book movies in the past, but you might not have guessed which one he nearly opted for.

According to QT, he nearly made Luke Cage: Hero For Hire his second film, moving into advanced talks with a leading man before eventually opting for Pulp Fiction .

“After Reservoir Dogs , I had considered doing a Luke Cage, Hero For Hire movie,” reveals Tarantino. “Ed Pressman owned the rights at that time, and we talked about it. I talked to Laurence Fishburne about being Luke Cage, and he really liked that idea. Then I ended up writing Pulp Fiction .”

So can we expect QT to move into the spandex-clad arena anytime in the future? Well, not unless he has a creative brainwave of his own, he won’t,

“If I wanted to do something like that, I’d want to create the superhero myself,” he responded sniffily. Watch this space…

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