Nintendo Switch Sports overview trailer shows more of the sports on offer in the upcoming game

Nintendo Switch Sports has received a new overview trailer that gives future players a more in-depth look at the sports on offer in the upcoming game, as well as a glimpse into how online matches will work. 

The Wii Sports follow-up will have a number of sports for players to get involved in including volleyball, badminton, bowling, soccer, chambara, and tennis. In the new trailer, we got to see these sports in action as well as how the Nintendo Switch’s motion controls will come into play in the game. 

For the likes of badminton and tennis, just like back in the Nintendo Wii days, players will be able to swing their Joy-con to launch the ball or shuttlecock across the court. According to the trailer, players will also be able to pull off more technical moves like drop shots and topspins with a combination of various swings and buttons.

For volleyball, chambara, and bowling, things are pretty much the same except the direction in which you swing your Joy Con controller can make all the difference. Things get a little more complicated with soccer though as players are encouraged to use both Joy Cons. There’s also the option to equip the Joy Con leg strap accessory for this sport to pull off intuitive kicking motions. 

The final thing revealed in the Nintendo Switch Sports overview trailer is a brief look at how online connectivity functions in the game. According to the trailer, players can compete against up to three of their friends via online co-op. If you’d rather take things to the next level though, there is also the option to compete in the Pro League via random matchmaking. 

Better start warming up now as Nintendo Switch Sports is set to release on April 29, 2022. 

Wondering about the future of the series? Well, according to a recent datamine, more mini-games could be on the way. 

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