5 ways for Monsters to use wildlife to their advantage in Evolve

We’ve already provided you with Evolve level maps and gameplay tips (opens in new tab) direct from the Turtle Rock Studios dev team, which should hopefully have set you on your way to dominating the hunt. However, if you’re looking for more advice on how to take down those pesky Hunters while playing as a Monster, here are Brillmond Tan’s (Senior QA at Turtle Rock Studios) five top tips for using wildlife to your advantage:

Forced Wildlife Engagements

If you see a hazard for the Hunters like Tyrants or carnivorous chomp plants nearby, consider knocking a single hunter towards that wildlife to grapple them as you engage the rest of the hunters so you’re not facing a whole team.

Riled-up Wildlife

Moving near hostile wildlife as the Monster will agitate them. Should a hunter come along shortly after, they may get attacked, slowing down their pursuit or even weakening the team.

False Alert Birds

Stand in an open area near some scare birds on the ground. Walk backwards towards the birds to startle them, then sneak in the opposite direction. When the hunters arrive, they will probably head in the wrong direction.

Scavenged Meals

Corpses out in the open are usually a sign the monster was there, but if you can eat corpses near the habitats for reavers, blitzleopards, or venom hounds, it can appear as though those predators ate the food, which is less suspicious as these predator creatures will hunt and eat other animals too.

A Wolf Among Sheep 

If you can sneak past wildlife into a bush or behind a rock, hunters from afar might mistake the calm attitude of the wildlife for a sign that the monster is not there, and they may run right by you.

Want some extra help with Evolve? We also have a Hunters and Monsters guide (opens in new tab) and a game modes guide (opens in new tab).

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