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How to get the Monster Hunter Rise Twisted Stiffbone

The Monster Hunter Rise Twisted Stiffbone players can find in Sunbreak is an incredibly valuable crafting resource, an essential component for forging dozens of pieces of armor, weapons and more. Putting aside the slightly unfortunate name, the Twisted Stiffbone has numerous functions, and is perhaps most notable for being a …

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite location

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite material resource is a special ore used for crafting armor pieces, though can also be used as a fairly lucrative way to farm money, as Awegite happens to be a valuable material that can be sold at a tidy profit.  It’s found dotted about …

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Every game delay announced so far in 2022

Throughout the year so far, more video game delays have been confirmed. There are many reasons why a game may be delayed, but the impact over the last few years as a result of the global pandemic, we’ve been been seeing more games understandably pushed back. Some of the biggest …

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