Outlast 2 tips: 7 things to know for survival

If you’re taking a trip to the middle of the Arizona Desert so you can pay Temple Gate a visit, then you’re going to want some Outlast 2 tips to avoid getting stabbed in the crotch repeatedly by a 9ft woman with a giant axe. Because nobody wants that. The good news is that there’s a few key things to remember when playing Outlast 2 (opens in new tab) that can make your experience a little less death-filled than it could be, which is why we’re here to help. Survival in this world can be tough, so whether you want your first playthrough to be as smooth as possible or you’re attempting that insane four hour speed run, you’ll want to keep these Outlast 2 tips handy.

1. Take the time to hunt for batteries

Let’s definitely not take this opportunity to question why Blake Langermann doesn’t use a lithium ion device. Night vision is essential for the majority of Outlast 2, as it plunges you into near darkness a lot more than you’ll probably be comfortable with. There are of course a few fires scattered around and the sequences in the school are well lit, but you’ll need a solid supply of double As to survive. If you look down at your body, you can see how many batteries you have in your left pocket. Helpfully they stay in there, even when you’re being crucified or swimming. 

It feels like common sense but when you’re in a room that you aren’t being chased through, have a wander around and you’ll probably find a few sneaky glowing batteries hiding. The flashbacks to the school are a particularly good place to find a charge so even if you don’t feel like it, head into all the offices you can enter and check every desk. Future you will be thankful when you aren’t afraid to reload your batteries after you’ve made it into the mines.

2. Errr, run?

Despite the fact that the open world areas look like they’re encouraging you to stealth your way through, you’ll inevitably be caught by hicks or the aforementioned 9ft crotch destroyer. This means running is the order of the day. It’s especially necessary while you try and work out where you need to go and of course you can run out of stamina. The first sequence requires a few wide circles before you realise what’s meant to happen but is a good way to learn exactly how you’re going to play. While a few sections will expertly funnel you in the right direction and send you jumping over tables and sliding under obstacles, some of the more open areas are a little more tenuous and you’ll have to keep an eye out for unmarked crawl spaces. If you are fortunate to be inside however… 

3. Remember to bolt the doors

You know the drill. You’re hurtling through Hicksville USA, checked-shirted yokels hot on your heels and desperately trying to stay one step ahead. You’ll probably die a few times at some point in the chase before realising that some of the doors that you’ve been bursting through actually have bolts on them to slow down your pursuers. It won’t hold them for long as they’ll eventually beat the door down but it will give you a few seconds to find what you need to do when you aren’t panicking and flicking between night vision.

4. Remember the ways to hide

In the moments you get to do actual stealth the game excels, and there are more linear sections in the later game that’ll require you to use the barrels you’ve been ignoring for the first half of the experience. Not only can you jump into these, but you can also crawl under beds, inside lockers and wardrobes, and duck underwater. Blake has a surprisingly lengthy lung capacity too so don’t worry about being under there for too long while flashlights circle over your head. It’s when the bubbles start to appear that you’ll begin to have problems.

5. Circle Martha

Ah yes, the crotch destroyer. Martha really doesn’t like you and will happily kill you in one hit should you stray near. She’s recurring and always requires you to immediately head in the other direction. Unlike some other enemies, you can’t go around her. A bit like Gandalf, she’s just not possible to pass, no matter how far away you think you are. So keep your distance, run backwards, distract her in any way possible while you work out where you want to run. There will always be a way you can circle around so keep that in mind and she’ll immediately be a lot less intimidating. 

6. Keep an eye out for blood

The signposting is pretty variable about where you need to go, but a good way of checking is blood in any form. Handprints smeared up walls are a good indicator of where to climb, while halved bodies in front of vents will probably indicate somewhere you should attempt to crawl. These sound easy to spot in principle but with night vision on and enemies firing flaming arrows it can be tricky to spot exactly where you’re meant to go next. Just keep those eyes peeled and remember if the night vision has suddenly made it impossible to see, it’s probably because you’ve arrived in an area where you don’t actually need it. 

7. Look for interactive items

Yet again in the school of common sense, interactive items are your friend and the majority of them will flash if you need to use them. The one thing that won’t flash is carts that need to be wheeled to reach somewhere, or bookcases that can be moved to the side to find passageways beyond. You’ll find plenty of sliding doors to panic over too. Try to prod everything and you’ll immediately get a prompt telling you what to do next. Just make sure you’ve secured yourself against whatever happens to be chasing you or you’ll find a knife in your back instead of the next horror-filled section. 

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