CW Orders Full Season Of Beauty And The Beast

Seems like the pain will carry on for our Beauty And The Beast reviewer Steven Ellis, with the news that the show not only gained viewers in the US this week (up to 1.9 million from 1.7 million the week before) but that the CW has also given it a full season order.

That means an extra nine episodes taking the first season run up to a total of 22 episodes. After a premiere audience of 2.78 million it’s now settled down to figures roughly on a par with what Supernatural was getting last year (and a little behind what the veteran show is getting this year). So if that level is maintained, we may even see a second season.

Step away form the ledge, Steve.

(To be fair, his latest review was a lot kinder. Either he thinks the show’s improving or there some kind of reviewers version of Stockholm Syndrome going on.)

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