Hitman 3 is “well underway” at IO and the final update for Hitman 2 is coming soon

Hitman 2 (opens in new tab) is getting its last big update later this month. After that, it’s full steam ahead on Hitman 3. Developer IO Interactive was transparent about its future plans in its Hitman 2 November Roadmap (opens in new tab), laying out how much more content fans can expect to hit the game with work on its successor scaling up. The answer is still “a lot.”

“After 13 months of full-time support and content for Hitman 2 – at no additional cost (besides what we added through the Expansion Pass), we’re now at a place where we are looking increasingly to the future,” IO wrote. “In real terms, we’re moving more and more of the Hitman 2 team to join the next Hitman game, which is well underway.

“This means that we’re expecting the November Update to bring the final major patch and set of Release Notes for Hitman 2, whilst December will round out the year with the remaining new content drops for the game, including Escalations and an Elusive Target – as well as the permanent return of some Seasonal Content.”

The November roadmap includes new Escalations and a few returning ones from Hitman 2016, a new Challenge Pack, more Featured Contracts pulled from the community, and a returning Elusive Target. Hitman 2’s final major update will roll out on November 19, which IO says will feature “more improvements, tweaks, and fixes” for the game. Some Featured Contracts and a replay of the Elusive Targets will follow throughout 2020, but you shouldn’t expect much beyond New Year’s.

IO Interactive confirmed over the summer that it’s working on a new project as well as another Hitman game (opens in new tab). It hasn’t officially named it Hitman 3 yet, but I will be very disappointed if it does not. While we’ve had four games called Hitman or Hitman 2, we still haven’t had a single Hitman game with the number 3 in its title. Please, IO. Let this third time be the charm.

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