Nintendo sweetens deal for “3DS Ambassadors” with multiplayer upgrades

Nintendo calls first-run 3DS buyers “3DS Ambassadors,” and isrewarding them (opens in new tab)with free NES and GBA games as consolation for an upcoming price-cut. But real ambassadors don’t just get in the door – they get diplomatic immunity, private cars, party invites, the whole nine yards. If you’re an early adopter, how is Nintendo ensuring that you feel like a VIP (as opposed to, say, a sap who should’ve waited for the sales)? Not only will the GBA titles possibly be unavailable to anyone except 3DS Ambassadors, but the NES titles, it’s been revealed, will be eligible for free upgrades once they hit the eShop.

Above: GBA titles like Yoshi’s Island haven’t been tipped to receive any upgrades. All you get is one of the best platform games ever

Once Ambassadors’ free titles have been made available to the paying plebs, Nintendo promise, “additional features such as multiplayer simultaneous play” will be added to the titles. Rather than stiff Ambassadors out of these features, they’ll be able to update the titles via the eShop for no cost. Nintendo hasn’t elaborated on what other “additional features” might become available (promising the additions will be revealed soon), but it does hasten to add that the titles will be 2D games, rather than 3D Classics. Is this the beginning of a conspiracy by Nintendo to swindle you out of the 3D Classics version of Super Mario Bros? Oh, come on now – this is Nintendo we’re talking about. Surely you’ve noticed by now that the company would much rather be your friend than make a profit. As marketing problems go, it’s a pretty good one (for you, anyway).

Aug 1, 2011

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