Minecraft Master: How to… Tame an Elder Guardian

The Hunt is on

To trap a Guardian, the first thing youll need to do is find one. Look in the uppermost rooms of ocean monuments, but be careful. Theyre tough foes.

Comfortable Ride

Then youll need to lure it to the overworld. Build walls between the monument and the surface so it cant escape, and have some railways to hand.

Kennel Club

Before you bring the beast home, it needs a place to live. Design a tank thats at least 3x3x3, fill it with water source blocks, and build a railway to it.

Safe Travels

This bit is tricky, so be patient. Extend your railway down inside the walls, then use water streams to get the Elder Guardian into a minecart.

Do the locomotion

Either push the Guardian back to your base yourself or use a furnace minecart. Either way, youll want to use invisibility potions to stay safe.

No place like home

Once your new pet is in place, break the minecart to get it out and seal up the roof. Then step back to admire your handiwork

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