Catherine achieves Atlus best launch sales ever

The first week of sales for Atlus’ psychological anime thriller, Catherine (opens in new tab), has achievedthe single most successful release week of any game in the company’s history. Devotees of past Atlus releases, such as Rockin’ Kats, Spud’s Adventure and both Snowboard Kids titles, have had little more than underground cred with which to console themselves. That is, until Catherine %26ndash; a decidedly non-standard title on which Atlus took a risk with ubiquitous marketing and an extravagantly weird special edition (opens in new tab)%26ndash; takes its place in company lore. Even Atlus’ Sales VP %26ndash; arguably the guy directly responsible for the title’s release-week success %26ndash; admits he’s pleasantly surprised.

Above: “No… I think I WILLchallenge From Dust!”

Tim Pivnicny, who you and Atlus can thank for making sure Catherine was eagerly-awaited by more than just Famitsu subscribers and anime devotees, can’t give precise sales figures yet %26ndash; but admits that %26ldquo;Catherine has exceeded our wildest expectations.%26rdquo; Citing the game’s %26ldquo;mature themes, engrossing subject matter, and frantic, challenging gameplay,%26rdquo; Pivnicny thinks it only fitting that the title should break Atlus’ release-week records and continue to see strong sales as word of mouth %26ndash; key for a release like this %26ndash; spreads further.

Above: Who could forgettheir first encounter with Billy ButtTongue?

How do you think Catherine achieved its record-breaking opening? Has fortune favored the bold? Did the title successfully tap into a burgeoning Otaku market? Might the game’s psychosexual themes of confused young manhood tap into something deep within the gamer psyche? Or did you just like the chick on the cover?

Aug 2, 2011

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