Need for Speed: The Run delivers Desert Race gameplay footage

The demo for Need for Speed: The Run launched this week, but if your interest in the title extends as far as “wanting to know how it looks and sounds” without going so far as to wonder how it feels to actually play the game, this is exactly the video you have been looking for. The PS3-based clip previews the game’s California-Nevada Desert Race segment, and offers a decent, though far from impossible, performance to beat while you wait for the full release.

Need for Speed: The Run launches on Nov 15. Earlier this week it was announced that Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks would be providing appealing voice-noises as the love interest of protagonist Sean Farris, previously known for The Vampire Diaries. So all you prospective players worried that the title’s saga of big-money, life-or-death cross-country racing wouldn’t have a competently-voiced romantic subplot can rest assured that EA is looking out for your (frankly, rather misguided) interests.

Oct 20, 2011

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