PES 2020 is now eFootball PES2020 (yes, really) with a new Messi-packed E3 2019 trailer

As part of its E3 2019 presence Konami has announced that PES 2020 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC with a release date of 10 September. There’s a snazzy trailer to accompany the news, which you can watch below. 

The first big takeaway is that Lionel Messi is back on the cover, which will be a blow to those anticipating rival game FIFA 20. Fans of EA’s series were hoping to see Barcelona’s Camp Nou – exclusive to Pro Evo for the past three years – restored to FIFA, but on this evidence that won’t be happening. Barca are once again confirmed as a PES partner club.

The second key takeaway is that Pro Evolution has had its name, er, evolved in a nod to the popularity of eSports. The full monicker of this year’s Konami sim is ‘eFootball PES 2020’. 

Gameplay changes such as a new finesse dribble and contextual passing can be seen in action by watching the trailer, but it’s not only on the field that PES 2020 is changing. For instance, Master League’s annual restoration continues with the addition of legends such as Diego Maradona and Johan Cruyff as potential managers. You can also create your own likeness for use in the mode, which is said to be fleshed out with a new interactive dialogue system.

While little Leo is on the retail box, a second, digital-only edition of eFootball PES 2020 – nope, still can’t get used to calling it that, but it’ll come with time – will feature Ronaldinho as cover star. No word yet on how that will affect Ultimate Team in FIFA 20, where he’s been one of the most popular Icon choices of recent years. 

Also exciting is the revelation that Andres Iniesta has been added as both real-life gameplay consultant and in-game MyClub pre-order bonus. A neat little idea that FIFA could also utilise going forwards. As long as EA doesn’t go with Alan Pardew.

PES 2020 is out on 10 September, and you can check the best PES 2020 formations here!. Prefer your headers and volleys EA-branded? Then check out the FIFA 20 confirmed features (opens in new tab), such as five-a-side Volta mode.

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