Kevin Feige talks Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 will soon be heading up Marvel’s Phase Two push, and head honcho Kevin Feige has taken the opportunity to build anticipation with some tidbits surrounding the kind of mental state the film finds Tony Stark in.

“”It’s almost like post-traumatic stress,” explains Feige to MTV (opens in new tab) . “He has retreated after the events of The Avengers into his workshop, where he’s building advanced versions of his suits. He has [ designed ] a version of the suit that can latch onto him in individual pieces … anytime, anywhere.

“He starts to realise he doesn’t want to be out of the suit. He’s seen a lot of things in Avengers and has encountered a lot of powerful people, much more powerful than he is.

“Much of the movie is Tony in the middle of the country without his tools and a fairly broken suit to help him. But that’s his superpower: his power is his brain. It’s fun to put Tony Stark in a corner with nothing and see how he can get out of it.”

Feige also has a few things to say about Stark’s nemesis, The Mandarin, and what kind of version of the famous character we’ll be seeing in the film.

“We felt there was leeway to explore the Mandarin in a way that hasn’t been explored before,” he continues. “We found we couldn’t point to any sort of definitive Mandarin story in the comics, so we did an amalgamation. The Mandarin is relentless: he’s a non-stop threat.”

Iron Man 3 opens in the UK on 3 May 2013.

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