Dave Bautista set for major role in The Avengers 3?

Dave Bautista’s turn as Drax the Destroyer was one of the surprise highlights of Guardians Of The Galaxy , with the former wrestler showing off some serious comedic chops to complement that imposing frame.

So popular has the character proven, that he may be about to get something of a promotion, with reports claiming that he could have a significant part to play in The Avengers 3 .

According to wrestling fansite PW Mania , Marvel is preparing a new deal for Bautista that would incorporate him into the Avengers setup, in what the site describes as “a major role”.

Director James Gunn has previously claimed that Guardians will be clearly linked to The Avengers 3 , so that would appear to chime with the rumour, although the link could more feasibly be through Josh Brolin’s role as Thanos…

In any case, we’d be all for seeing Drax in a more prominent role, be that in The Avengers 3 or Guardians 2 . Metaphors at the ready…

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