Firefall closed beta opens, signup to play the promising MMO-FPS hybrid

The MMO-FPS Firefall has started its closed beta testing, taking the game into the final dev stage before opening up to the public. While developer Red 5 is starting off with a small number of testers, the game will gradually to open up to more and more players as the game’s December launch date draws nearer. To sign up, simply register a Firefall account. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll be chosen to participate, but there are ways to improve your chances.

There will be giveaways and contests, so checking at could help improve your chances of getting into the beta. But the easiest way into Firefall is to suck up to someone who is already there. Red 5 wants to encourage players to work together and play with friends, so it’ll be giving selected testers gift-able invites, which they can pass along to anyone they’d like.

While the concept of trying to start playing a free-to-play MMO that already has an online community before the “release date” for may sound fishy, Red 5 has said that December will mark the game’s final build in two ways. The Firefall virtual item store that controls all the micro-transactions used to fund the game will open, and there will be a final character wipe, resetting all the beta participants’ profiles so that they aren’t given an unfair advantage (aside from the extra experience playing).

Recently, we were excited to score a bit of hands-on time with Firefall, which looks like a promising new contender in the MMO and FPS space. Check out our most recent preview for more.

Aug 29, 2011

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