Romain Duris joins Michel Gondrys LEcume Des Jours

Romain Duris, best known on these shores for The Beat My Heart Skipped and Heartbreaker , will join Audrey Tautou in Michel Gondry’s next French language film L’Ecume Des Jours .

Gondry and Tautou have been attached to the project for a few months now, but with Duris’ arrival on the scene it has morphed into a triple threat of Gallic A-list talent.

Expected to go ahead of cameras early next year, L’Ecume Des Jours is based on the 1947 novel by Boris Vian (that title is translated as Froth On The Daydream , with sounds like a perfect match for the whimsical folk involved).

And it’s not just the title… the oddball plot sounds ripe for Gondry’s attention too, with the main character Colin earning shedloads of money from a bizarre invention, before marrying Chloe, who falls ill when she inhales a water lily.

She then needs to be kept surrounded by flowers to keep her alive, which Colin eventually struggles to pay for.

We’re guessing that Duris and Tautou will play Colin and Chloe, but there are a few more roles, including Colin’s man-servant, that need to be cast.

Before L’Ecume starts shooting Gondry will be working on community project The We And The I , and Duris and Tautou are set to reprise their roles in trilogy-closer Chinese Puzzle (having starred together in earlier instalments The Spanish Apartment and Russian Dolls ).

Expect this one to arrive late next year, or early 2013.

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