Gary Oldman confirms hes been approached for Star Wars: Episode VII

He’s done The Dark Knight , cast his spell over Harry Potter and we’re about to see him go nose to nose with some grumpy simians in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes , but now it looks possible Brit movie royalty Gary Oldman could be joining the firmament for Star Wars Episode VII .

In a recent interview with Sky Movies Oldman revealed he has been approached about Star Wars VII , saying:

“They’ve called. You know, I’m more cynical about it now. I’ll believe it when I’m on the plane home. The deal isn’t done, but yeah, they’ve inquired. I mean Planet of the Apes , Harry Potter , Batman , and Star Wars … bloody hell!”

Cast confirmed for J J Abrams’ reboot currently only number previous Wars stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams and Anthony Daniels, though the internet has been ablaze with rumours of other possible attachments.

This one, at least, looks a little more concrete. We reckon the Oldman would make a classy addition to the franchise re-starter, due to begin filming in May.

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