Should you kill or save Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West

Choosing whether to save or kill Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West is one of the game’s few choices. She acts as one of the game’s major big bads and yet there’s something quite sad about the entire thing when you discover what exactly has been going on behind the scenes in Horizon Forbidden West

You’ll be given three choices after your battle with Regalla in the main mission quest, Wings of the Ten. Unfortunately, the third (brain) option isn’t really a viable path, eventually making you choose between saving Regalla with the “There’s another battle here” dialogue, and killing her by saying “Your life ends here”. 

The main difference between letting her live or killing her is that if you let her live, she will accompany you in the final mission of the game, in the assault on the Zeniths. If you kill her, however, you will get her bow – Regalla’s Wrath. Let’s go into a little more detail on the two choices:

Save Regalla

Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West

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If you choose to save Regalla, you’ll ask her to join the fight against the Zeniths. Although many are skeptical about her loyalties, including Kotallo, it’s actually Hekarro that states that she’s always one to stay true to her word. 

Regalla agrees to come to your aid for the promise that attacking the Zeniths would be a better warrior’s death than being snuffed out in the Arena. She then accompanies your crew back to the base and will join your assault on the Zeniths for the final mission (Singularity). 

She then dies in the final mission, getting the warrior’s death she so wanted. 

Kill Regalla

horizon Forbidden West Regalla

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If you decide to kill Regalla, her story ends right there. Kotallo runs her through with his spear before you can react and she dies mid-sentence. There’s two outcomes here: firstly she won’t appear in the final battle, and in fact when you pass the area she would die if she was alive, nothing happens. You might think the Sentinels that kill her become your problem without her there to act as a distraction, but they don’t even appear.

horizon Forbidden West Regalla

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Secondly, and more usefully, you get her bow – Regalla’s Wrath. This is actually an incredibly powerful sharpshooter bow (think sniper) that can one-shot some small machines. So, while cold blooded murder feels very un-Aloy, it’s actually the path that gets you best outcome here. 

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