Meet the new Iron Man-esque Black Panther variant, the Vibranium Man

A tragic new variant of Black Panther is being introduced at Marvel this coming May – the Vibranium Man.

In Avengers Forever #6, writer Jason Aaron and artist Jim Towe are delving into a new universe within the Marvel Multiverse where Black Panther isn’t King of Wakanda – heck, there isn’t even a Wakanda. Everything is different here because Killmonger defeated T’Challa, and slowly defeated everyone, to become King of Earth.

King Killmonger.

Avengers Forever #6 main cover

Avengers Forever #6 main cover (Image credit: Aaron Kuder (Marvel Comics))

As this issue will reveal, in this alternate Earth (there’s no official Marvel designation yet for it), the idea of a Black Panther is a “forgotten legend” according to Marvel; but forgotten doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. For in this world, T’Challa will claw his way back – with a little inspiration from Iron Man – to use his fallen country’s top resource, Vibranium, to become Vibranium Man.

Or “The Invincible Vibranium Man” as Marvel describes him, borrowing some more nomenclature from the “Invincible” Iron Man to make its point.

This is the beginning of a new arc of Avengers Forever, a new Marvel series that is quickly becoming a whistle-stop tour of various new alternate Earths. It has introduced new Marvel superhero variants as part of this multiversal Avengers squad, including a Tony Stark/Ant-Man mash-up, a Punisher-ized War Machine, and an ‘Infinity Thing’.

Avengers Forever #6 goes on sale on May 25. A collection of the first five Avengers Forever (opens in new tab) issues is scheduled for a June 8 release.

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