Elden Ring PC stuttering issues lead to Mixed reviews

Elden Ring is receiving mixed reviews from PC players on Steam, and it appears to centre around performance issues.

At the time of writing on February 25, Elden Ring has a general “Mixed” user reviews label on Steam (opens in new tab). Delving into user reviews for FromSoftware’s new game, many are warning others of PC optimization issues, writing that the game will “constantly stutter in open areas,” and that it “crashed 4 times within 2 hours of game time.”

However, there appears to be a temporary fix for the stuttering issues on PC. The user below is recommending that other PC players find the “Microsoft Device Association Root Enumerator,” and disable it, thereby eliminating a “LOT” of stuttering, apparently. 

The Elden Ring player base on PC is pretty frustrated right now, in short. While the vast majority of negative feedback on Steam is focused on frame rates and stuttering, some are bemoaning the lack of ultra-wide monitor support, as well as FromSoftware not implementing ray tracing or DLSS support at launch.

Elden Ring’s issues aren’t even limited to PC, though. We’ve seen a few PS5 players posting about dropped frame rates so far today, while using the game’s Performance Mode on the new-gen console. Here’s hoping FromSoftware has a fix for both PC and PS5 players alike in the coming weeks.

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