Dwayne Johnson to play Brett Ratners Hercules

Hercules will be the next project for political correctness expert Brett Ratner, with the director in line to bring an adaptation of Steve Moore’s comic-book series Hercules: The Thracian Wars to the big screen.

And the man in line to play the hulking Greek demigod? None other than musclebound man-mountain Dwayne Johnson, who Variety reports is currently in talks with MGM to take the role.

The comic-book series paints the Hercules myth with a rather darker palette than audiences might be used to, casting the son of Zeus as an embittered warrior turned violent mercenary.

When the king of Thrace hires him to train his army into a squadron of lethal killing machines, Hercules is happy to take the gig. But when said army begin to attack innocent men, women and children in their conquest of Greece, Herc begins to think twice.

It certainly sounds a decent fit for The Rock, who despite his fondness for light-hearted family-friendly fare, is at his best when playing mean and moody badasses.

As for Ratner? Well, despite his recent PR nightmare, Tower Heist was the best thing he’s made in a long time, so our hopes for this one are cautiously high. Famous last words? Let’s hope not…

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