The Division 2 open beta is live now, heres how to play and get stuff in the full game

The Division 2 (opens in new tab) open beta is live now. All prospective agents are welcome to try out the game ahead of its full release later this month, and even if you participated in previous tests, some new content and full-game rewards may tempt you into playing this one too. The Division 2 open beta will run until March 5 at 1 am PST / 4 am EST / 9 am GMT, so you you should have plenty of time to check it out if you get started reasonably early.

How to play The Division 2 open beta

Jumping into The Division 2 open beta is quite easy. Just pick your preferred platform (PC, PS4, and Xbox One are supported) then go to the download shop, search for “The Division 2 open beta”, and start downloading. Note that if you’re playing on PC you’ll need to go through Uplay, Ubisoft’s dedicated launcher. You’ll need about 48GB of storage space free for the download.

The Division 2 open beta has new stuff to try

If you played in The Division 2 closed beta, keep an eye out for these new additions to the game:

  • Level cap increased to 8
  • New story mission: “Viewpoint Museum”
  • New Skill, Chem Launcher, with Riot Foam and Explosive Vapor variants
  • Two more Settlement Projects for the second Theater upgrade
  • New Skirmish PvP map: Capitol Ruins

Everything that was in the closed beta is also available in the open beta. Plus, you don’t have to wait to unlock the ability to try out a level 30 agent and endgame mission now. Here’s what was included in the closed beta.

  • Two main missions (Story, Normal, Hard difficulties)
  • Five side missions and further open-world activities
  • Dark Zone (PvP/PvE) area to explore
  • Organized PvP Skirmish mode
  • Endgame mission and (limited) access to level 30 characters with specializations

The Division 2 open beta has full game rewards

Your progress in The Division 2 open beta won’t carry over to the full game. Would you even want to keep playing without ever getting to customize your character’s appearance anyway? But I digress, your efforts will still be rewarded once The Division 2 comes out with some fun cosmetic items. Some of them you can earn just by playing once and others which will require you to make some decent headway into the beta.

  • DC Patriot Weapon Skin: Earned for participating in any beta.
  • Capitol Hill Arm Patch: Complete the “Invaded” mission.
  • Supply Crate Backpack Trophy: Complete the Dark Zone East introduction mission
  • Capitol Hill Backpack Trophy: Participate in the open beta

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