The Last of Us 2 release date might have just been leaked (for real this time)

PlayStation won’t be attending E3 2019 this year, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got big plans before the inevitable announcement of the PS5 (opens in new tab). Aside from the incoming release of Days Gone (opens in new tab), Dreams, and more, most of us are excited for one exclusive above all else.

The Last of Us 2 (opens in new tab), Naughty Dog’s sequel to its masterclass third-person shooter of 2013, was announced at PlayStation Experience a few years ago, but neither its developer nor Sony has revealed when the game is coming out, or even if it’ll be arriving on PS4 at all. 

While whispers have suggested a 2019 release date up till now, confirmation of a specific launch window may have just arrived via the mountains of verdant Peru. Or rather, a Peruvian retailer by the name of LawGamers (opens in new tab) (first discovered by The Loot Gaming (opens in new tab)), who recently released a promotional poster on its website that clearly states The Last of Us 2 will be launching in October 2019. 

Peruvian gaming retailer LAWGAMERS, have issued promotional material for the Last of Us Part 2, suggesting an October 2019 release date. #PS4 #NaughtyDog #LastofUs 3, 2019

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LawGamers has yet to confirm anything outside the small print of this poster, however, so it could well be a speculative image that wasn’t meant to ever make its way online. Still, this October 2019 window corroborates with everything we’ve heard about The Last of Us 2’s impending launch so far, especially as Sony needs a flagship fall title and it looks like Death Stranding (opens in new tab) is still miles away from completion. 

Naughty Dog nor Sony has commented on this apparent leak, and are unlikely to until they make an official announcement about the game’s schedule. But the idea that we’ll be playing The Last of Us 2 within six months time is nothing short of tantalising, even if we have to take it with a pinch of salt for now. 

Will The Last of Us 2 end up on our list of the best PS4 games (opens in new tab) of all time? Given Naughty Dog’s track record, it seems very, very likely. 

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