How to complete Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges

Destiny 2 Iron Banner daily challenges and details of the objective are visible on the Crucible page of the Destinations screen. You’ll need to complete one of these challenges for the new ‘Forging Iron’ quest for Season of the Haunted, but there are four daily challenges to complete. Each one awards Pinnacle gear and Iron Banner Rank boosts, which’ll help you get even more loot from Lord Saladin. Here’s what you need to know about finding the Iron Banner daily challenges in Destiny 2 and how to complete them in Rift to make Lord Saladin – or rather Valus Forge – proud.

Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 builds

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To get more Iron Banner daily challenges, you’ll automatically receive a new one at the daily reset for the first four days of Iron Banner – that’s Tuesday to Friday. Confusingly, they are marked as ‘Weekly’ challenges and don’t expire until the end of the Iron Banner event, so you can actually wait until the daily reset on Friday and you’ll have all four challenges ready to complete.

For the current Iron Banner event, you must complete an increasing number of Iron Banner matches, and progress carries over from each challenge, so you’ll need to complete 18 matches in total:

  1. Complete 3 Iron Banner matches using a Solar or Void Subclass
  2. Complete 7 Iron Banner matches using a Solar or Void Subclass
  3. Complete 12 Iron Banner matches using a Solar or Void Subclass
  4. Complete 18 Iron Banner matches using a Solar or Void Subclass

It’s also important to note that these Iron Banner daily challenges, their rewards, and the Forging Iron quest are character-based, not account-based. That means completing a challenge on one character will not complete it on your other characters, so you’ll have to do it again, but you’ll still get Pinnacle rewards and more for doing so. This is the same set of challenges as the previous Iron Banner event, but hopefully the objectives will change between future events.

Iron Banner daily challenge rewards

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Once you’ve completed a daily challenge, which you will need to do as part of the new Forging Iron introduction quest for Iron Banner, you’ll get your rewards: a Pinnacle Iron Banner loot drop, which will help you reach this season’s power cap of 1570, and a 100% boost to your Iron Banner Rank gains. Each challenge awards this boost and there will be four daily challenges per character, per Iron Banner event, so completing them all will massively increase your rank gains. Be sure to check in with Saladin at the Tower to collect rewards and Iron Banner Engrams as you rank up too – you can get the reprised Wizened Rebuke Fusion Rifle and Hero’s Burden Submachine Gun.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner revamp

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Increase your Iron Banner Rank gains further by using up to 5 pieces of Iron Banner gear – that’s any Iron Banner weapon or piece of armor – and using any Iron Banner emblem. The armor can also be the item itself or as an ornament. If you wear a piece of Iron Banner armor with a different Iron Banner ornament on top, this counts as two pieces of gear, so you won’t need to wear a full set of armor to get the maximum rank boost.

While Iron Banner returns in Season of the Haunted, the seasonal quest aboard the Derelict Leviathan ship has come to an end. Of course, you can still explore in patrols and participate in Nightmare Containment, but you should definitely keep an eye out for Destiny 2 Calus Bobbleheads, or plunder chests with Destiny 2 Opulent Keys.

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