Binary Domain collectibles guide – Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines

Welcome to the very comprehensive Binary Domain guide. Everything you need to find all the Secure-Coms, Shopping Terminals and Nanomachines. The game contains over 80 items to find and interact with spread across 6 chapters. Before you jump into the guide itself let me explain the 3 types of items you are looking for.

Secure-Coms are small ipad looking devices spread around the environment. They are the more classic collectible and are often hidden in locations that are not directly in your path. These are the easiest to miss so don’t feel bad if you do.

Shopping Terminals are less collectible but more an object that you must interact with. Most of them are directly in your path and are obvious to spot. Something to note about the shopping terminals is that you must interact with them for it to count.

The final items to find are the Nanomachines. There are only 6 of them to find and they are found within the first 2 levels. The others must be bought from the Shopping Terminals. For this reason it is very important that you find all terminals on the same playthrough that you collect nanomachines. You must pick up the 6 found in the environment plus buy all nanomachines found in each terminal. On a side note, the nanomachine locations have been attached to the end of the shopping terminal videos.

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