UFC Undisputed 3 has a 100 point Achievement for hitting people after theyre already knocked out

Above the locker rooms of the UFC gym the words “never leave it in the hands of the judges” are stenciled, a phrase often repeated by the UFC’s Dana White, who has made it clear that he wants his fighters to end fights before the last bell rings. Beyond removing the judges from the equation – and, thus, getting rid of the chance involved in deciding a winner – it’s simply more entertaining for a fight to end in a TKO or a submission instead of watching the fighters hug out their differences for the last round.

The theme is an important one in the UFC philosophy, and has even made it into UFC Undisputed 3’s Achievements. A few fights into the career mode we unlocked the “Finish the Fight” achievement for a whopping 100 points (which we’re guessing equates to a Gold or Silver Trophy) after punching a knocked-out fighter in the back of the head a few times. As we pounded our fists into the lifeless body of our opponent the Achievement flashed up, rewarding us for beating the crap out of our unconscious foe.

Above: And it’s not too hard to earn, either

While it might seem completely insane to encourage players to continue fighting after the match is over it actually makes sense, and better replicates the energy of an actual UFC fight. When a fighter knocks another down he doesn’t know if it’s lights out – they might be just stunned, or simply sprawling on the ground to catch their breath. Usually, this means the fighter will jump on his opponent, continuing to strike until the referee pulls him off (which usually happens after 3-4 blows). This wasn’t to be found in the past two UFC games, and we’re happy to see that it not only made its way into this new iteration, but has had the spotlight shined on it.

Too bad it’ll likely be taken out of context and lambasted for encouraging players to beat up helpless people or something.

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